AnonyTun for iPhone is a VPN free & fast help your ISP problems

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VPN for PC again give you newest guide AnonyTun for iOS that will help you to bypass all of the blocked sites on your country. AnonyTun VPN useful apk and one of the best free vpn for iPhone because this apk give you free unlimited vpn bandwidth and easy configuration.

AnonyTun for iOS

AnonyTun is a VPN tunnel application is free and fast, with the server without limits, to help you pass the restriction of ISP.

These are some of the problems ISPs often we face every day.

  • The IP address of the ISP blacklist.
  • Limit Geo ISP.
  • IP restrictions based on your location.
  • YOUR ISP is blocking some websites and content.
  • ISP Bandwidth Limit.
  • Slow speed ISP.
  • Web history and refuge network content by ISPS.
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anonytun for iPhone
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AnonyTun free unlimited vpn configuration for iPhone Ios

Anonytun for iOs is no need registration, have easy and simple design and very user friendly applications that can be used to change the data packets of the internet, providing a secure connection to protect your privacy, bypassing the firewall anonymously to access the web site or any application, and also got the internet free of charge. For now, the anonytun apk is only available for Android devices read here Download anonytun pro apk for Android. But don’t worry because iPhone users can also take advantage from this anonytun apk, we will give you the methods running with anonytun pro for ios. Also, you can see our other post  Install Anonytun for windows

How to Download Anonytun on your iPhone iOS without jailbreak

To be able to download anonytun on ios devices without jailbreak, we require to have an installation of Cydia, so for the beginning, we should download the android emulator for iOS. Well after you install the android emulator or iAndroid, then you can download the anonytun apk for iPhone. So with downloadable anonytun for ios, you can use the application properly. Here’s the step to do :

  1. First, please install the android emulator to download Cydia in iOS i.e. iAndroid.
  2. If already installed, please open Cydia on your iDevice, then Click the “Manage” option which is at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After that, there will be three options, i.e., “Packages,” “Sources,” “Storage.” we recommend you to click “Sources.”
  4. At this time, the Cydia emulator will show display a list of Repos added to the Cydia emulator app in the Alphabetical order. Make sure you have added “Modmyi” repo regarding the Cydia app already. Otherwise, you can add it to now. Copying this URL “” (without quotes) and paste it in the URL bar on your browser that you can find on the Cydia app iOs.
  5. Go back around the Cydia app and then click on “Modmyi” repo and scroll it down to find out the specific apk. After that, you can click on “iAndroid” and then click “Install” button to add it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  6. To download anonytun for ios then tap install option in the upper right-hand corner then please you guys wait until the install process is complete.
  7. Open the emulator and search for anonytun, if the application already exists, please install and wait for it to finish.